TAA40104 Training Assessment

Certificate IV in Training Assessment

The TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment specifies the competencies required to deliver training in an industry area or area of subject matter expertise, and conduct competency-based assessment in a range of contexts.


The TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment comprises fourteen (14) units packaged as: Twelve (12) core units Plus two (2) elective units


Learning Environment
TAAENV401B Work effectively in vocational education and training

TAAENV402B Foster and promote an inclusive learning culture

TAAENV403B Ensure a healthy and safe learning environment

Learning Design
TAADES401B Use Training Packages to meet client needs

TAADES402B Design and develop learning programs

TAADEL401B Plan and organise group-based delivery

TAADEL403B Facilitate individual learning

Delivery and Facilitation

TAADEL404B Facilitate work-based learning

TAAASS401B Plan and organise assessment

TAAASS402B Assess competence

TAAASS403B Develop assessment tools


TAAASS404B Participate in assessment validation


Select 2 elective units. Both electives can be selected from the list of units below. Alternatively, 1 of the 2 elective units can be selected from TAA50104 Diploma of Training and Assessment, or any other Diploma or any other Certificate IV.

Delivery and Facilitation

TAADEL301B Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills

TAADEL402B Facilitate group-based learning

TAADEL405B Coordinate and facilitate distance-based learning

Learning Environment
TAAENV404B Develop innovative ideas at work

Training Advisory and Services

TAATAS401B Maintain information requirements of training and/or assessment organisations

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice

TAALLN401B Address language, literacy and numeracy issues within learning andassessment practice

BSBMGK406B Build client relationships

BSBCMN404B Develop teams and individuals

BSBCMN405B Analyse and present research information

BSBCMN409B Promote products and services

Imported units

BSBAUD402B Participate in a quality audit


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